Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bracket of Awesome Sweet Sixteen Day 2!

It's time to finish off the Sweet Sixteen!  I know this is a day late, but let's take a look at the action in the In-n-Out and Disneyland brackets!

In-n-Out Bracket
Matchup 1: 1 In-n-Out vs 4 Frisbee

Who wins? As stated before, In-n-Out is the definition of delicious.  Like their slogan states, it's what a hamburger is all about.  And did I mention the secret menu?  Secret menus are awesome.  At the same time, Frisbees are a timeless toy.  There aren't many things better than throwing a Frisbee on a beach. (My apologies to my LA friends who are no longer allowed to throw Frisbees on the beach.)  But ultimately, this matchup comes down to food, like most things in life, and In-n-Out wins.

Matchup 2: 2 Baseball vs 3 Making People Smile

Who wins? I'm writing this just as the baseball season is about to kick off.  I can smell the peanuts, hear the roar of the crowd, feel the excitement!  Baseball is plain and simple, awesome.  But, again, have you ever made a person smile?  There's no better feeling in the world.  Smiles move on!

Disneyland Bracket
Matchup 1: 1 Disneyland vs 4 Space Mountain

Who wins? It almost seems unfair to pit these two against one another.  How do weigh the best ride in the best amusement park against the park itself.  Simple, Disneyland wins!  Space Mountain would not exist without Disneyland, so it doesn't make sense for it to advance beyond its creator.  The Happiest Place on Earth moves on!

Matchup 2: 2 Groundhog Day vs 6 Star Gazing

Who wins? Groundhog Day is such a wonderful holiday.  It is so silly and fun, it's ridiculous.  Punxsutawney Phil has been making predictions for 130 years!  It's such a wonderful celebration of people enjoying life.  However, star gazing has been around for thousands of years!  And while some people haven't jumped on the Groundhog Day bandwagon, I think it's safe to say that everyone has looked up at the stars at least once in their life.  And I'm sure most people can recognize the Big Dipper or Orion the Hunter.  So we have an upset!  Star Gazing advances!

Well, we're down to eight now and things are really heating up!  Check out how the bracket looks:

Bracket of Awesome Sweet Sixteen Day 2!

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