Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bracket of Awesome Day 4!

We're at the end of the first weekend of action in the Bracket of Awesome.  Today we finish up the first round with a look at the Disneyland bracket.

Matchup 1: 1 Disneyland vs 8 Twinkies

Why it's here: It's the Happiest Place of Earth.  Even with the screaming children, excessive strollers, and exorbitant prices, it's still Disneyland, and there's very few places I would rather be.

Why they're here: Cream-filled cakes that could survive nuclear holocaust (supposedly).  What could be more awesome than that?  Not to mention the fact that Hostess now no longer exists so finding Twinkies is akin to finding a rare baseball card.  Rarities make for more awesomeness.

Who wins? Seriously, do you even have to ask?  Disneyland is not going out in the first round.

Matchup 2: 4 Space Mountain vs 5 Eggos

Space Mountain
Why it's here: Quite simply, Space Mountain is the best ride at the Happiest Place on Earth.  It is the most fun ride there is.  You can't help but smile when riding, and all you want to do when you get off is go get back in line.  That screams out awesome!

Why they're here: Frozen waffles that are deliciously awesome!  A quick breakfast for those mornings on the go (again with the commercial jingles).  There was nothing better as a kid than getting up in the morning and making waffles.  How many of you just said that last part like Donkey from Shrek?  Just another reason why Eggos are awesome!

Who wins? It's hard to take down the behemoth that is Space Mountain.

Matchup 3: 3 Tetris vs 6 Star Gazing

Why it's here: Such a simple game, yet you could play for hours and not get bored.  How awesome is that?!  Plus the infectious theme song can get stuck in head for days and all it does is make you want to play the game and keep beating your high score.  Again, awesome!

Star Gazing
Why it's here: Have you ever just spent a night looking at the stars?  You should.  Ancient peoples used star gazing as a form of entertainment.  They created stories of hunters and animals and warriors who spent their time in the stars.  These stories have lasted thousands of years, which is awesome!

Who wins? While Tetris is an extremely fun game, it has only been around 30 years or so.  Star gazing has lasted for generations, and continues to be an amazing and inspiring activity. The stars advance!

Matchup 4: 2 Groundhog Day vs 7 Nike Dri-Fit

Groundhog Day
Why it's here: I wrote a post a while back about why I love Groundhog Day so much.  I encourage you all to go back and read it.  But Groundhog Day is in this bracket because it is so simple and so fun and brings nothing but joy to all who celebrate it.  Simply, it makes people smile.  Awesome!

Nike Dri-Fit
Why it's here: Honestly, I don't know how I lived without this stuff for so long!  It is so comfortable, so light and airy, so perfect.  Living in the heat of Arizona, I can't do without this.  It is the awesome of comfort!

Who wins? I do love the comfortable feel of Nike Dri-Fit, but it is not enough to take down my favorite holiday.  Groundhog Day prevails!

Well, here it is, the bracket after Round 1!

Bracket of Awesome Day 4!

We'll be back on Thursday for the start of Round 2 as we go from 16 down to the Final Four!

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