Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bracket of Awesome - Elite Eight!

Well, the NCAA tournament certainly had some thrilling Elite Eight games.  Now it is time to check out the action in the Bracket of Awesome!  We have some powerhouse matchups with a trip to the Final Four on the line!  Let's get right to the results.

Root Beer Bracket
1 Root Beer vs 3 The A-Team

Who wins? A team of four fugitives fighting for people who have nowhere else to turn vs. sweet drops of heaven on your tongue.  On paper this might seem like a blowout, but they don't play these games on paper. Well, I guess in the case of this bracket they kind of do, but you get the point.  Anyway, The A-Team as a group is pretty awesome.  There's no situation they can't escape and no plan that is too ridiculous.  But Root Beer is just so good and is loved by so many more people.  Although, I can't fathom why more people don't love The A-Team.  But even The A-Team got captured eventually, so Root Beer advances to the Final Four!  Root Beer Floats for everyone!

Grand Canyon Bracket
1 Grand Canyon vs 2 High Fives

Who wins? Two and half billion years of geologic history!  That's hard to top.  Not to mention, bighorn sheep, California condors, whitewater rafting, and more!  The Grand Canyon is awesome beyond compare. Its beauty is breathtaking, its views are awe-inspiring.  It is majestic.  There's no way high fives could take down this behemoth.  Or is there?  High fives are a universal celebration, understood worldwide as a recognition of success.  And you don't even have to be celebrating a huge success either. And when you get a high five from someone, it is just an awesome feeling.  Knowing how awesome it feels to get a high five makes it even better to give a high five.  And everyone around the world can do it.  Not everyone can visit the Grand Canyon regularly.  For that reason, High Fives advance!

In-N-Out Bracket
1 In-N-Out vs 3 Making People Smile

Who wins? Mmmmm, Double Double.  For something that for the longest time couldn't be found outside of California, In-N-Out has made quite a deep run in this tournament.  And that is purely based on the delicious awesomeness.  But do you know what happens when you eat at In-N-Out?  You smile.  And do you know what everyone has the power to do, not just people in California or the southwest US?  Make other people smile.  That's pretty awesome!  Smiles advance!

Disneyland Bracket
1 Disneyland vs 6 Star Gazing

Who wins? Our final Elite Eight matchup pits the Happiest Place on Earth up against an age old story telling practice.  The stars are pretty awesome, and I think we all take for granted that they are there every night shining down on us.  But in all honesty, half of those stars are already dead because the light we are seeing is millions of years old.  Disneyland is alive and well and brings joy and happiness to millions.  Not to mention they have really cool pins!  That may just be awesome in my book, but it's enough to push Disneyland to the Final Four!

So there you have it!  Our Final Four consists of Root Beer, High Fives, Making People Smile, and Disneyland.  This is shaping up to be an epic finish.  Here is how the bracket looks now.

Bracket of Awesome - Elite Eight!

Check back later this week for Final Four action!

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