Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bracket of Awesome Day 1!

Well, it's finally time for Day 1 of the tournament!  And while today's action on the basketball court has been great, the action on the court of awesome has been just as intense.  Today, winners in round 1 of the Root Beer bracket will be revealed.  So let's get to the action!

Matchup 1: 1 Root Beer vs 8 Jelly Belly

Root Beer
Why they're here: This is pretty self explanatory, but I'll indulge you anyway.  Root Beer is pretty much like sweet drops of heaven on your tongue.  And I'm not talking about the A&W's and Mug's.  I'm talking about the good stuff like Weinhard's, Sioux City, and Sprecher.  One of the great things about root beer is that each brand has its own unique taste, which makes trying different brands an exciting experience.  And the most awesome thing about root beer is that it doesn't have caffeine!  I love the stuff and I drink one almost every day.  And that's why it's a one seed.

Jelly Belly
Why they're here: Jelly Belly just barely made it into the field, but I think they are a worthy participant.  What distinguishes Jelly Belly's from ordinary jelly beans are the unique flavors that they come in.  You can get everything from popcorn to pineapple to caramel, all in the form of a bean.  The every flavor beans like vomit and skunk also provide great opportunities for April Fool's pranks.  That's a pretty awesome assortment.

Who wins? Root Beer is a powerhouse in this bracket.  They move on.

Matchup 2: 4 Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, etc vs 5 John Wooden

Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, etc
Why they're here: Have you ever been to a museum, zoo, or aquarium?  They are pretty cool.  There is so much to learn whether it is about animals, flying, space, or coral reefs.  Museums, etc. present information in such innovative ways that make learning fun for people of all ages.  That type of universality is the definition of awesome.

John Wooden
Why he's here: John Wooden is quite simply the greatest coach of all time.  He won ten NCAA championships while coaching UCLA, and introduced us all to his Pyramid of Success.  His quotes are timeless and apply to everything from sports to business to teaching.  And what I think is the most impressive fact about Wooden is that he had only one losing season as a player or coach.  One!  That's awesome!

Who wins?  John Wooden has a pretty impressive resume, but I'm going with the Museums simply because they are more universal and encourage so much learning.

Matchup 3: 3 The A-Team vs 6 Slinky

The A-Team
Why they're here: Simply put, The A-Team is the greatest television show ever.  Four wanted fugitives, on the run for a crime they didn't commit, helping ordinary people take down corruption.  What more could you ask for?  The group dynamics of the four members made for extremely entertaining television.  Plus, they could build elaborate contraptions out of anything they were left with, and no one ever died during the show. And they had an sweet looking van!  Totally awesome!

Why they're here: Slinky is a really cool toy.  It travels down stairs all by itself!  And try thinking about a slinky on an escalator without smiling.  That's what makes a toy awesome, simplicity and smiles.

Who wins? While the slinky is a really fun toy to play with, it's hard to beat The A-Team.  Colonel Decker sure couldn't do it, and neither can a timeless kid's toy.  The A-Team advances!

Matchup 4: 2 Millennium Falcon vs 7 Lasagna

Millennium Falcon
Why it's here: The Millennium Falcon is the most awesome ship in the Star Wars universe.  It made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, after all!  I thought about putting Star Wars as a whole in the bracket, but decided that Han Solo's ship would be the torch bearer for the franchise.  The Falcon aided in the destruction of two Death Stars and was flown by one of my heroes.  Awesome!

Why it's here: It's delicious.  Need I say more?  Layers of pasta, cheese, and meat!  Why is this only a seven seed?!  You can even make it with just vegetables.  That's pretty awesome!

Who wins? As cool as the Millennium Falcon is, not everyone is as big a Star Wars fan as I am.  But everyone can appreciate lasagna.  We have our first upset of the tournament, Lasagna moves on!  Garfield would be so happy.

So here's how the bracket shapes up after Day 1:
Bracket of Awesome - Day 1

Check back tomorrow for Day 2 action!

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