Friday, March 22, 2013

Bracket of Awesome Day 2!

It's time for Day 2 of the Bracket of Awesome!  Today we're looking at the first round winners in the Grand Canyon bracket.  The NCAA tournament was full of upsets today.  Will the same plot play out in the Bracket of Awesome?  Let's get to the results!

Matchup 1: 1 Grand Canyon vs 8 Yo-Yo

Grand Canyon
Why it's here: Simply put, this is the most beautiful, awe-inspiring place on the face of the Earth.  The Canyon shows 2 billion years of geologic history!  Not to mention it serves as a breeding ground for the endangered California Condor.  Whether it's hiking, rafting, or star gazing, the Grand Canyon is the perfect place to do it all!  I sound like a brochure.  But if you've never been, it should be at the top of your must-do list.  This is truly the mother of all wonders of mother nature.

Why it's here: It's simple, it's fun, it's a yo-yo!  I feel like I could be writing commercial jingles tonight!  The yo-yo is a timeless toy that provides hours of endless fun.  Plus, you can get them in lots of colors and designs.

Who wins? This another example of a powerhouse exerting its muscle.  Grand Canyon wins.

Matchup 2: 4 James Bond vs 5 Lego

James Bond
Why he's here: He's James Bond.  Need I say more?  He's the ultimate spy.  He's got the coolest gadgets, the coolest car, and he always gets the girl.  It has been 50 years and his movies are just as popular as ever.  In the dictionary next to the word awesome there is a picture of James Bond.

Why they're here: The ultimate building block.  Lego has been around for years and has provided hours of fun for children and their fathers.  You can build from a set or you can build from your own creativity.  You can build a pirate ship, a space ship, a castle, a skyscraper, etc.  The possibilities are endless!  I think that's their slogan, and that's why they're awesome!

Who wins? This has probably been the toughest matchup of the tournament so far.  Both of these are extremely awesome.  I enjoyed spending time with my dad building Lego sets and watching James Bond movies, and I'm sure other fathers and sons can say the same.  Anything that can be considered a family tradition should be considered awesome.  But for this matchup, we're going to go with Lego, because it's awesome without the blatant womanizing.

Matchup 3: 3 Slurpee vs 6 Phillie Phanatic

Why it's here: Nothing signifies summer quite like a Slurpee.  It's delicious, cold, and refreshing.  Slurpee runs are a staple for escaping the summer heat.  And did I mention they are refreshing and delicious?  Enough said, awesome.

Phillie Phanatic
Why he's here: The greatest mascot ever! Watch this video and try not to laugh.  I dare you.
You couldn't do it, could you?  That's why he's awesome.  He makes people laugh.  A lot.

Who wins? As much as I love a slurpee, the Phillie Phanatic is way too awesome to go out in the first round.  I got to give him a high five at the All Star game a couple years ago and it is one of the highlights of my life.  On to the next round, Phanatic!

Matchup 4: 2 High Fives vs 7 Pez

High Fives
Why they're here: Have you ever given someone a high five?  If so, did you notice their smile?  For something so simple to create that much joy is just awesome.  I love giving high fives because for whatever reason it makes people feel good.  So put those hands in the air and don't leave anybody hanging!

Why it's here: It's just so much fun to eat candy that comes from such a cool dispenser.  Whether it's Batman or Snoopy or Santa Claus, they all dispense the rectangular candy that we all enjoy so much.  Eating the candy straight out the package is just not the same.  You want to collect the different dispensers and you just can't stop popping those little candies like crazy.  That's awesome!

Who wins? As much fun as Pez are, it's hard to deny the power of the high five.  High fives for the High Five as it moves on to round 2!

So here's how the bracket looks after Day 2!
Bracket of Awesome Day 2!

Come back tomorrow for Day 3!

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