Monday, February 4, 2013

Most Random Post Ever

I realized that I haven't posted anything over a week, and I want to keep my 100 post pace.  But I can't think of anything to write about.  I asked a friend of mine if he had a topic that I should write about and his suggestion was to write an interview with a squirrel.  He also suggested that the squirrels like Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.  I'm not feeling that creative right now, but I thought I could at least write a haiku.

Squirrels love Arnold
I'm talking Schwarzenegger
They really love Twins

This particular conversation reminded me of something I saw yesterday.  As I was riding the bus home from my camp retreat, I saw a bird out the window that appeared to be racing the bus.  So here's a haiku about that.

Bird racing a bus
I think the bird might take it
No, No, I was wrong

Then as I was writing this post I was watching Pawn Stars.  They have some cool stuff on that show.  Tonight, there was a 1918 $1000 bill, a stereoscope, and a golf cart that was turned into a cardboard-looking tank.  You can probably guess what's coming next.  That's right, a haiku.

Hey look, it's a tank!
No wait, that's just a golf cart
Can't fool the Pawn Stars

Ok, I really have to stop now.  Based on the trend I'm seeing lately only three people will read this post anyway.

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