Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's your lollipop moment?

Have you ever thought about the people who have changed your life?  Have you ever thought about who's life you may have changed?  Drew Dudley poses these questions in his engaging and inspiring TED Talk:

It's amazing to think how many little exchanges you may have had in your lifetime that could have had a much bigger impact than you ever imagined.  How cool would it be to know that you made that kind of difference in someone's life?  And how cool would it be to thank someone for making that kind of difference in your life?  I know I would love to find some of the people that did that for me and thank them and give them a high five.  I'm sure it would just make their day.  I want to challenge all of my loyal readers to think about your lollipop moments.  And if you're able to high five the person responsible, do it.  Who knows, maybe someone will high five you in return.  I also want to give Drew Dudley a virtual high five for giving such an awesome talk.

And, finally, I want to remind you all to vote for the new name for my blog.  The poll is located in the previous post, so please read and vote.  Thanks!  More high fives to come!

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