Monday, July 4, 2011

The Twilight Zone vs Reality TV

So I've watched a few episodes of The Twilight Zone over the past few days and I've gained a new appreciation for how great a TV show it is.  It is so cleverly written and the themes are so thought-provoking and original.  I'm adding Rod Serling to my list of people I would like to have lunch with if I could have lunch with anybody from history.  I even started thinking how cool it would be to bring the show back to television in today's time.

Then, I thought about that more and realized it would never work.  One of the greatest aspects of The Twilight Zone was its subtlety.  There's nothing subtle about TV these days, especially with reality TV.  I'm still not entirely sure what is so real about reality TV anyway.  Is it the fake fights and arguments that are staged by the producers?  Or maybe it's the over the top reactions to every little thing by the actors?  I'm just not buying any of it.  But for some reason I can believe that a traveler from 1847 can go over the top of a ridge and end up in 1961 so he can get medicine for his dying son who will grow up to be a famous doctor.  Now, that's good television.  I can't imagine Snookie getting away with that one.

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