Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avoiding Roadkill

As I made the drive from Tucson to Phoenix twice over the past few days, I noticed quite a bit of roadkill on the road (I guess that's where people normally notice roadkill, but I couldn't find a better phrase).  I also narrowly avoided, or at least I hope I narrowly avoided, creating my own roadkill by swerving to avoid hitting a rabbit.  And it got me thinking of the many stories I've heard from friends and family about their narrow misses, or sometimes hits, of animals on the road.  I get the impression that many people become emotionally distraught when they hit an animal on the road.  Yet, these same people seem to have no issue throwing friends or family under the bus, metaphorically of course, to get ahead in life.  Why is it that killing a small animal while driving is so devastating to us, but destroying another's reputation or lying about one's actions brings about no emotional response whatsoever?  I mean, honestly, there are plenty of rabbits and squirrels and even coyotes to go around, so accidentally killing one shouldn't be that big of a deal.  But each person on this earth is such an individual that we should feel more when we hurt one another.  Yet we don't.  Why?  I think that's something we need to explore within ourselves.  It's time to start treating other people with the same respect that we give animals in the road, and start trying to avoid running them over.

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