Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Common Courtesy Pet Peeves

As I was sitting in my CPR/First Aid class today I was inspired with a new topic to write about.  It appears that there are a great many instances in this world where common courtesy seems to fly out the window.  I don't quite understand why people can't be respectful in regard to these simple instances.  Therefore, I've decided to compile a list of pet peeves I have in regard to common courtesy.

1.  Return your shopping cart to the proper location in the parking lot.  This bothers me more than anything else I see.  The cart returns are no more than ten yards apart.  They are not that far from your car where you shouldn't be able to easily return it.  Instead, people feel the need to leave in the middle of a parking lot thereby taking away parking spots and making other people, like the employees, go out of their way to collect the carts.  It's just rude.

2. When in a grocery store, mall, amusement park, etc., please don't stop in the middle of an aisle or walkway where other people are walking.  And, if you do, don't get mad if the people behind you run into you after stopping.  You wouldn't stop your car in the middle of the street, so why stop your feet?  Pull off to the right!

3. If you are in a class or training, please refrain from telling personal stories unless a relevant question is attached.  For that matter, unless the question is relevant to everyone involved, don't ask it at all.  Wait until after the class and speak to the instructor or presenter.  They are getting paid to listen to you.  I'm not.  I just want to get the information I need and get out.  Please respect that.

4. If you are driving or walking and someone lets you in a lane during times of busy traffic or stops to let you cross the street, give a courtesy wave.  It's just a simple wave acknowledging your appreciation of the kind act.  You don't even have to lift your arm very high, just enough to show that you are appreciative.  Otherwise, you are just being rude.

Those are just a few things that get under my skin.  Overall, I think there is a lack of courtesy and respect in our society.  Maybe if we went back to doing some of the little things that show respect, we would return to a more courteous society.


  1. I'm an 110% with you on all 4 -- however, #2 would be the one the irks me the most out of your list.

  2. Haha, yea, that really is annoying.