Monday, January 14, 2013

Holy Freezing Weather, Batman!

So it has been extremely and unbearably cold in Tucson the past couple of days.  And, yes, I realize that 90% of the country thinks I'm a wuss for saying that because, realistically, our low is some people's high.  But sweet Moses, it's cold out there!  It's one thing to travel somewhere that is cold and you expect it and prepare for it.  But it's another thing when you live in a warm environment and wake up frozen one morning.  I don't really even know how to describe the cold, but I'm going to try anyway.

The past two days I've kind of felt like I live in Gotham City during an episode of the old Batman TV series, and this week's villain is Mr. Freeze.  He decided to freeze out the whole city so that we can't fight back when he starts his world domination plot.  Our only hope to be saved is for Batman to thaw us all out.  Because everyone knows Batman's suit is impervious to freezing.  When I turn on the local news tonight, I'm expecting to see it taken over by Mr. Freeze and have him unveil his dastardly plan.  Please save us Batman.

Will our intrepid blogger survive the night before turning into an Adamsicle?  Will this be the end for our daring hero?  Tune in next blog.  Same Adam time, same Adam channel.

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