Monday, May 20, 2013

Cool Job Titles I Wish I Had

Recently I have come across some cool sounding job titles that I think would be awesome to hold.  Now I'm not saying I actually want the jobs that come with these titles, but it would be fun to introduce yourself as such.  Not that my title, Strategic Learning Specialist, is boring by any means, but these just sound so much cooler.

Deception Specialist - From what I can tell this is basically a magician, but Deception Specialist has a much better ring to it.

Penguinologist - I'm guessing this is someone who knows a lot about penguins.  While I have very little interest in actually studying penguins for a living, how awesome would it be to introduce yourself as a Penguinologist?!  I'm assuming you don't meet one of those very often.

Smarties Expert - This title actually refers to the candy, but still.

Technical Evangelist - I would assume you could 'Evangelist' to just about any job title and make it sound cooler.

Imagineer - Most of you have probably heard this one before because Disney has been using it for decades.  I would actually legitimately like to hold this position.

Chief Happiness Officer - I can't make this stuff up.  This job actually exists!  I don't know what exactly a Chief Happiness Officer does, but I wouldn't mind having it on a business card.

Paper Airplane Engineer - I saw this one on Conan.  The guy designs paper airplanes for a living!  Who knew this even existed!  Again, I wouldn't actually want this job, I just want to be able to introduce myself as one.

Director of Storytelling - Once again, I'm not exactly sure what the job responsibilities of a Director of Storytelling are, but I can sure can tell a story.  I don't even know how to find a job like this.

Well, there you have it, some awesome job titles.  How does yours rank?  Have you heard of some others that should be on this list?  If so, let me know by leaving a comment.

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