Sunday, May 26, 2013

If Curiosity Killed the Cat, Then I Would Be a Dead Cat

Walt Disney listed Curiosity as one of his Four C's, the secret to making dreams come true.  And I believe it.  Curiosity leads to new discoveries and new discoveries open up limitless possibilities.  I'm often distracted by my own curiosities and my inquisitive nature often leads me down paths I could have never imagined.  Today, I have two examples of curiosity that I would like to share with all of you.

First, I was watching the new miniseries on Discovery Channel, North America.  As part of the show they had a behind the scenes segment.  This particular segment showed how the filmmakers attempted to get underwater footage of brown bears fishing for salmon.  In order to do this utilized a remote controlled underwater camera.  What they didn't account for was the curiosity of the bears.  The bears investigated this new "creature", swatting at it, sniffing it, and even attempting to taste it.  All in all it made for some very compelling television.  But it just to goes to show you that humans are not the only naturally curious beings on the planet.  Animals also like to investigate and explore, and it was fascinating to watch these bears try to figure out what the camera was.

After the episode of North America was over, I searched for something else to watch.  While perusing the channel guide, I came across a show titled Cicadas and Invaders 2013.  Naturally, I was intrigued, so I flipped to it.  I was immediately hooked.  The show counted the top 20 swarms of creatures around the world, while also breaking down the life of a cicada.  My curiosity of simply wanting to see what this show was all about led me to learn about Cuban Land Crabs, the air dance of the starling, and the fact that when a bee stings you it releases pheromones that alert other bees to the attack.  Fascinating.

Curiosity is good.  Curiosity leads to learning.  Curiosity is natural.  How often do you act on your curious instincts?  What are you curious about?  Feel free to share any examples of when you let your curiosity take over.

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