Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's the all the fuss with 3D?!

I was watching TV the other day and I got very excited when a commercial came on announcing the re-release of The Lion King.  Then came the dreaded phrase, "In 3D".  Why must everything new be better in 3D?  And why must everything old be reimagined in 3D?  I don't understand the fuss.  Granted, some movies I have seen have been a lot of fun in 3D, Tron: Legacy, at the top of the list.  But The Lion King?!  What about the story of a lion cub's self discovery screams 3D?!  I'll tell you what it is; money and a lack of creativity.  I'm becoming more and more convinced that there are no more original ideas in Hollywood anymore.  Plus, movie studios know people will flock to the theater to see a beloved classic that has supposedly been improved by the enhancement of 3D.  Well, I'm not buying it!

Have people failed to realize that we live in a 3D world?!  I walk around all day long and I see things in 3D.  And I don't need special glasses to do it!  Who wants to sit at home watching TV with big glasses on to watch things pop out of the screen?  I already have to wear eyeglasses just to see things more clearly.  And if I want to see things pop out at me, I'll just walk outside.  Heck, a car came out of nowhere and almost ran me over today.  That most certainly was "in 3D" and it was scarier than any 3D movie I've ever seen.  3D used to be cool when it was rare, and starring Michael Jackson.  Yes, I'm referring to Captain EO.  But now I'm suffering from 3D overkill.  And we're getting dangerously close to seeing Gone With the Wind 3D.  That's a place I never want to see.  So don't believe the hype, people.  Remember, for every Tron 3D, there are five Final Destination sequels in 3D.

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