Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fantasy Sports

I was watching Mike and Mike in the Morning the other day and Greeny brought up a topic about fantasy sports that I couldn't agree more with.  He was breaking down his fantasy football draft and with a chance to draft Tom Brady in the second round, he passed.  When asked to explain why, he stated that his allegiance to the Jets prevented him from drafting Brady.  How could he put someone on his fantasy team who he roots against every week.  And frankly, I applaud him for that decision.  I want to root for guys on my fantasy team to play well, and there are certain teams that I will never root for, so I will never be able to have players from those teams on my fantasy rosters.  As I drafted my fantasy football team this weekend, I had the chance to draft Miles Austin.  He put up some pretty good fantasy numbers in the past, but I couldn't do it.  I cannot justify putting any Cowboys, Giants, or Redskins on my team.  I constantly want those teams to fail so I can't root for certain players on those teams to do well just to help my fantasy team.  It goes against every belief in my body.  Am I sabotaging my fantasy teams with this strategy?  Perhaps, but I'd rather have my fantasy teams losing and my actual teams winning than the other way around.  My fantasy baseball teams are horrible this year.  Is it because I refused to draft any Braves, Marlins, and Mets?  Doubtful, but it certainly didn't help.  But the Phillies have the best record in baseball and that matters a heck of a lot more than fantasy domination.  So, thank you, Greeny, for coming out and publicly saying what I've been preaching for years. 

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  1. Excellent post and I completely agree. My first year I played fantasy football I found myself cheering against the Titans on several occasions. It was horrible. You try to work out odd scenarios for your team to win but not hurt your fantasy team. Let the kicker somehow score 3 touchdowns. I finally realized I don't mind losing the fantasy game as long as I still enjoy the real one.