Sunday, June 9, 2013

Celebrating Your Own Quirkiness!

Most of us have our own quirks, those little things that make us unique.  Often times, though, we hide those quirks for fear of judgement by others.  And I ask, why?  How can we judge others for their quirks when we have our own?  Besides, it's those quirks that make life interesting.  I don't care if someone gives me a funny look while I'm dancing in my car blasting this song.

It's just fun!  And admit it, you started bobbing your head while listening.  Music is a big source of quirkiness.  We all have those songs that we like but won't ever admit that we like.  But why?  Are we afraid that people won't like us because we listen to music some might consider weird.  Sadly, yes, I think that is the case.  I get judges for listening to Destiny's Child or Mariah Carey because society has deemed that I shouldn't listen to them.  But I like to, so I do, and that's part of what makes me who I am.  And you shouldn't be afraid to to show off whatever music you like, even if gets a few laughs and sneers from your friends.

Additionally, I like thinking of weird things like woolly mammoths and time travel.  It's so hard to get people to engage in hypothetical conversations on topics like these, however.  I don't understand why.  I just want to exercise my mind with a variety of somewhat light-hearted topics.  I realize they're far-fetched and not always rooted in reality, but why should that prevent us from discussing it?

I like the fact that I get excited to look for new pins to add to my collection and that I will watch a James Bond movie anytime one is on TV.  I find that these quirks make me more interesting.  But, again, I get the impression that others find that they make me weird.  To that, I would say, we are all a little weird.  So we should all be able to appreciate one another's quirks.

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