Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Appreciating Life's Random Moments

Every now and then, random thoughts pop into my head.  Often, those thoughts lead to spontaneous moments of levity.  For instance, today something inspired me to start acting out the Saturday Night Live Wild and Crazy Guys skit while waiting for an elevator.  I'm not sure what inspired this action, but I just went with it and had fun.  I didn't care if anybody might see me or what I might look like.  It just made me smile.  Moments like these happen to me all the time.  Don't deny it, you all have them too.  The question I have for all of you is, how many of you do the same thing?  How many of you sing along to the cheesy music in the grocery store?  Or start acting out movie scenes with yourself when you hear a trigger word?  For those that do, I applaud you.  Way to have fun and do your own thing!  For those that don't, why not?!  Have fun, be random, enjoy the silliness!  That's what makes life worth living.  Who cares what other people might think?! You never know, maybe they might join with you in one of your random moments.  You'll never know if you don't act on them.  Although, I will say you should exercise some judgement and common sense when choosing to do this.  Busting out a rendition of "End of the Road" might not be the most appropriate thing in the middle of a job interview.  But try appreciating some more of life's random moments and see how it makes you feel.  I can almost guarantee you'll smile more.

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